My patients love your MedRx hand sanitizer. Many of them ask our staff where they can purchase it. My office could generate additional income by just having a supply on hand for resale.

Karis Cooper
Chiropractor – Vancouver, WA

As a Registered Nurse working in a hospital Intensive Care Unit for over 20 years, I am required to sanitize my hands each time I enter and leave a patient’s room. The repetitive use of standard medical grade hand sanitizers caused my skin to become extremely dry and broken. Other hand sanitizers with lotion additives left my hands with a greasy film.

Two years ago I was introduced to MTO’s MedRx Hand Sanitizer. It not only disinfects my hands from the ICU’s germs and bacteria, it moisturizes them without leaving a filmy residue. I not only use it in the ICU, but on my 3 children’s hands as well.

Kathy Parker
ICU Nurse – Hartford, CT

MedRx is the best hand sanitizer I have used. The ingredients are all natural and organic. It has natural moisturizers, so it’s not overly drying like most other hand sanitizers. Additional, there is no chemical odor or strong scent. It is ideal for any medical facility or business. I give this product 5 out of 5 stars.

Dawn Baker
MD Internal Medicine – Denver, CO

As a law enforcement officer I have constant physical contact with other individuals. I use MedRx Hand Sanitizer at work and have loved the results. The added moisturizer makes a big difference throughout the course of the day and week. My family uses the hand sanitizer at home and in our cars all the time. My kids especially love the smell and use it without me prompting them to. I will continue to use Mother’s Therapy Organics Hand Sanitizer with confidence.

Joe Jarjura
Deputy Sheriff – California

MTO’s MedRx Hand Sanitizer is an extraordinary product. As a firefighter, I have been using hand sanitizers on the job for the past decade. The ones provided by the department and at Emergency Rooms dry out my hands after repeated us. This product moisturizes, leaving my hands feeling great. The carabineer clip on the bottle is an added bonus and makes it easy to get to while on the truck. The company really knows what first responders need in terms of convenience and quality.

Brian French
Firefighter – Arizona

In a correction facility, safety for the staff members is the number one concern. Safety policies exist at many levels and protecting your hands may seem small in comparison to the rest of our procedures. Sanitizing our hands is vital to our protection. We need a sanitizer like MTO’s MedRx to keep our hands clean and not chapped or cracked from over usage. I wouldn’t work a day without it.

Jason Hogan
Corrections Officer – Cheshire, CT


To whom it may concern:

This is regarding the Goddard School’s use of Mother’s Therapy Organics. For the past month The Goddard School has tried out Mother’s Therapy Organics alongside the regular sanitizer we have always used. Without any prompting on our parts, our parents, hands down (pardon the pun), switched to Mother’s Therapy Organics. We received numerous compliments on the switch, ranging from how gentle the product is, to how much more likely the parents are to use it since it is organic.

I would heartily recommend Mother’s Therapy Organics to any school or business considering a high quality hand sanitizer.

Sam Morton
Owner – The Goddard School

Primrose School of Castle Rock has had the privilege of using Mother’s Therapy Organics for parent use at the front desk. All of the management has overheard many parents pleasantly surprised by the refreshing smell and silky feel of the hand sanitizer. Some of our parents have even inquired of how to get some in their homes and wanting to give it out as gifts!

I would thoroughly recommend Mother’s Therapy Organics to any school of business considering a high quality hand sanitizer.

Amber Yosten
Director – Primrose School of Castle Rock